We are the ones behind trivago’s visual identity and are responsible for how the website and all other products look and feel.  We are a creative, multidisciplinary group of user researchers, digital product designers, UI engineers, graphic designers, motion designers, videographers, photographers and brand experts from all over the world and collaborate with many other functions within trivago.

Voices from the team

"I am responsible for trivago’s design activities and love to cross-pollinate between all our design talents to achieve consistent brand experience across various touch-points. The dimensions of design in trivago – from corporate design, to product design and marketing support – provide a fantastic playground and learning opportunity for everyone in the team."

Mirja Wagener

"Designing at trivago is a lot more dynamic and challenging than any you may think. For us, design is a way to solve problems using aesthetics and functionality. We are constantly thinking about the user, their interaction with the product and how we can make it better than before."

Erica Chen